Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Zach Morris: Phone of Might

martin cooper holds world hostage with giant novelty phoneIf you happen to possess the causal honorific of a "twenty-something", you may remember the sheer magnificence and glory that was Saved by the Bell. A daring prankster, a suave schemer, Zach Morris had his finger not only on the pulse of cool, but on the touch tone pad of one of the world's largest mobile cellular devices. Martin Cooper had nothing on Morris.

Retro is hip and the Zach Morris phone mod is metaphorical rocket fuel liberally applied to an otherwise lackluster hipster blaze. But, the geniuses over at Spark Fun Electronics have decimated any possible construed Zach-Morris-cool-factor with the introduction of their FRANKENMORRIS: Phone of might. A GSM-ready, rotary-operated cellphone? This phone technology is the ultimate ironic accessory. No other device so precisely conveys you
  1. are not balanced and love it
  2. have tons of cash to blow

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