Friday, November 17, 2006

$100 for an Xbox 360

So apparently, will be offering 1000 Microsoft XBox 360 "Core Systems" for only $100. Yes, for one hundred dollars, you could be the proud owner of a XBox 360 (not an old model, but a new shinier, glowing 360). The Internet is ablaze with rumors regarding this event, which is to occur on Thursday of next week (23rd of November).
This fantastic deal, resulting in a 66% price reduction, leaves me asking myself only one question. Would I buy an XBox, even at this dramatic "savings"? The answer is no. I would, given the chance, flip a profit on one, but buying one to actually play is an investment in futility. Just a heads up... wasted youth is on sale and at considerable markdown.


Jess said...

Pff stop blogging about content ripped from me which was ripped from elsewhere.


Callye Keen said...

haha never! I rips 'em as I sees 'em.