Friday, November 10, 2006

Massive Failure

What is the "Worst Band in the World"? According to the great information monolith Google, the worst band in the world is Creed. This type of free-wheeling, yet intelligent game of word association is known as a "Google Bomb." Check out the Wikipedia entry or simply type the title of this article into Google for more specific details. This cognitive "shot-calling" by a search engine amazes and intrigues me. Most music listening, album purchasing individuals were not able to make this correct conclusion when introduced to the wave of putrid bile that is Creed's auditory malfunctioning. Apparently, the band had four (yes, 4) number one hits off of their first album. This mass-hypnosis equates to one of the greatest shams in music entertainment ever, right next to The Spice Girls or Dave Matthews. People, your choices are disasters. Please, for the sake of your future illegitimate children, MAKE BETTER CHOICES.

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