Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Selection

The world, being a large and diverse place, is capable of presenting strange beauty from unexpected sources. Spam emails are a plague. Each email account becomes sluggishly weighted by the toxic disease of V1@gra prescription offers, "quality" stock tips, and of course the occasional plea from a Nigerian prince. As inundated with spam our accounts are, we simply remove or filter the ceaseless messages and, in doing so, might be missing something oddly fascinating. Some spammers fill their hockery with random bits of news and literature concatenated together in the hope of circumventing filters. I find this marvelous content very alluring when examined from a literary perspective. With only a minimum of additional ramblings, I present to you the first installment of Spam Poetry (Spoetry)...

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Skanky Jane said...

(laughing). Glad I cmae back up from the bottom of the page to reread the first post. The first time I ran my eye over it I thought good grief this blogger was having a bad day and didn't do his proof reading!

You left a comment in Google Grous that i didn't quite get. You were speaking about memes, your favourite being you said Internet fad images and sites. The you said "All your base are belong to us! was a classic.". I am not familiar?

You do have an off kilter interest in...the off kilter. (Love the dogs in bee outfits!)

SJ xx

Callye Keen said...

AYB is often cited as an example of a meme—a self-propagating thought, idea, or message—because of its broad, rapid spread across the Internet and around the world. It has also been recognized as a snowclone, wherein a familiar phrase is modified by substituting new words into the phrase (for example, "All your bug
are belong to me" as used on Wikipedia's MediaZilla main page).

marduk said...

oh em gee. if you don't know what "all your base" means, you need to uninstall the internets and just hide in front of the tv. lol. and yes, i'm a meanie.