Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What set you claimin'? LEGO!

Little girl flashes knife as she tries to steal toys

Largo, Florida - Largo Police are looking for a little girl who pulled a knife on a Wal-Mart clerk as she tried to steal two boxes of Lego toy blocks.
It happened on the Missouri Avenue around 9:00 pm Tuesday night.
Police say the 7 to 8-year-old girl hid the toys under her coat and tried to walk out the door.
A store employee was watching and approached the child, asking her to turn over the Lego blocks.
Police say the little girl then opened her jacket and displayed a combo carving knife with a forked point and a 10" blade, saying she was armed for protection.
The employee talked the girl into putting down the knife and the toys.
The girl then rode away on her bicycle.
The employee was not hurt.

Only in Flordia, the penis of The United States, does this situation have a viable chance of occurance. By the contents of the article, I assume she made a clean getaway. Society is doomed.

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