Sunday, November 26, 2006

Insert Jazzy Product Name Here

Technology is amazing. Innovations wait around every corner. However, scams lurk in every alley. Sensationalism takes a hold of the masses before any attempt at validation has been made. Many individuals learned their lesson after eagerly and greedily come to the aid of a Nigerian prince in 2003 (and 2004, 2005, etc.). The international news media has yet to be so lucky. Arab News was fortunate enough to become the brunt of this scoop opportunity. After spreading around the Internet, ravaging reputations faster than the flu in a child daycare center, independent news sources, such as blogs, were kind enough to shred this nonsense to ribbons.
Great Quote: Rainbow Card Readers will replace CD drives of mobile phone and computer notebooks and will enable more data in portable forms for mini digital readers.
How can any technology hope to become more portable than a CD-ROM enabled mobile phone? Mind-boggling.
As of this moment, my new strategy for success is as follows:
Step 1. Pretend to be Indian/from the developing world.
Step 2. Create/Publish information regarding fabulous, yet strictly fictitious technological breakthrough.
Step 3. ?????
Step 4. PROFIT!
After obtaining completing my doctoral thesis on theoretical data storage techniques, I have developed a framework methodology for storage of bit information utilizing the rhythmic and behavioral patterns of common grasshoppers and crickets. This project has been codenamed the HOPdrive. Although paradigm implementation involving Euscyrtus concinnus or cricket is a low-cost solution, the Oxya hyla intricata or grasshopper implementation naturally yields larger data storage. For complete investment information and technical white-papers, please contact my associate the Nigerian Prince with your credentials (credit cards, checking account, etc.).

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crpitt said...

Lol, the post is funny as always! Strange that yesterday i had an email from a nigerian prince, do you know him? and should i invest? Lol.