Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Security buzz: Bomb-sniffing bees

  • Scientists train honeybees to sniff out explosives from dynamite to C4
  • Researchers say bees could spot car bombs, IEDs, suicide bombers' belts
  • When a bee finds explosives, it sticks out proboscis, the tube it uses to sip nectar
  • Similar research done with wasps in past, but scientists say bees do better

...from CNN.com
There is perhaps an infinitely simpler solution that these creative scientists may have overlooked in their wild (kingdom) mental wanderings. May I once again present ... the beedog. These unscrupulously scientists have not mapped the secret language of the bee and used said knowledge to expertly train bees in legion to carry out secure whim and fancy. These masterminds have dressed bomb-sniffing canine units in bee costumes, thereby securing large allocations of government funds. Dear Government, I am developing cutting-edge beedog technology in a miniature deliver system (pugs and chins mostly, see image). I am patiently awaiting my grant money.

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